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14th Central Asian International Textile Machinery Exhibition – CAITME 2022
07 - 09 September 2022 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Target audience

Every year, the exhibition provides an opportunity to meet with a large number of new unique visitors!

Today, about 7,000 enterprises operate in the textile and garment industries of Uzbekistan. According to annual surveys, about 40% of the visitors attend the exhibition for the first time.

60% of visitors are business owners and/or occupy decision-making positions, 30% - make recommendations on procurements.

Target Audience of CAITME:

  • Executives, decision-makers and managers of textile and garment enterprises from the entire Central Asian region;
  • Private entrepreneurs and owners of small private shops;
  • Designers and technical experts;
  • Representatives of wholesale and retail sales chains;
  • Representatives of distributing companies;
  • Managers and experts of state agencies, ministries and, departments, industrial associations from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries;
  • National and foreign media;
  • Researchers and students of the relevant universities;
  • Representatives of international organisations, financial institutions and banks.

In 2018 the exhibition was attended by around 9 000 specialists, including 710 foreign specialists from 23 countries of the world.

Most of the foreign visitors came from Kazakhstan (26%), Russia (20%), Tajikistan (16%) and Kyrgyzstan (14%).

80,5% of the total number of national visitors are representatives of Tashkent city, 4,7% came from the Ferghana region, 3% of professional visitors attended the show from Andijan and another 3% - from Namangan regions.

According to surveys, 85% of visitors confirmed the importance of the exhibition for exploring the market potential and following latest trends, purchasing most up-to-date technologies for competitive production.


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